Monitowl is an all-purpose monitoring system designed for reliability, advanced data processing and ease of use. Our main goal is to enable you, a professional system administrator, to act as quickly as possible when something happens in your network.

All devices, one monitoring system

Unlimited diversity! From mobiles and small appliances to server farms, Monitowl will take care of all devices in your network. Monitowl is also prepared to accept and analyze data from your custom solutions over HTTP and other protocols.

Log Processing Ready for Really Big Data

Volume is no longer a problem. Monitowl will store and process all data it gets from your network. No need to rotate logs to make space for new information. No need to manually deal with log archiving.

Real Time Updates All The Time

Static graphs are so last century! Monitowl can show you what happens right now in spectacular detail. Monitowl will also notify you about important events by e-mail or other means.

Robustness Is Built-In

Data safety is a critical factor for us. Because of that, every single Monitowl component is designed to be fail-safe. Our code is prepared for hardware failures and will try all possible means to prevent corruption.

Machine That Learns

Monitowl employs real machine learning algorithms to help you analyze events in the past and predict the future. Predefined formulas will save time in routine cases. For more complex situations we provide you with a complete toolbox to compose your own queries.

Compatible With Paper

Management reports are tedious and time-consuming to prepare. Monitowl prepares eye-pleasing print-ready reports which you can use to diagnose problems or demonstrate the state of your network to your boss.