WhiteHats is a Polish software development company founded in Wrocław. Our expertise covers large-scale network engineering, system administration, computer security and software development. WhiteHats main goal is to develop easy-to-use software that exploits technology to the user’s advantage.

WhiteHats started from consulting services, however we quickly realized that there is a glaring omission in the market of high-quality monitoring software for enterprises. We simply could not find any offer that would match our demands in reliability, user interface and complex analytics—nothing that would truly enhance our effectiveness. Monitowl is our answer to this omission.

When we think of new technologies, we see new possibilities of making people’s life easier. When we develop software, we aim to make full use of these possibilities. Each new problem is a challenge that we love to solve, each new feature is a step to the goal of making our users more productive. Do you want to be more productive?