What is monitowl?

Monitowl is an all-purpose monitoring system designed for reliability, advanced data processing and ease of use. Track current system status, investigate past incidents. Less down-time with Monitowl!

Big Data Ready

Store years of logs of your services like web servers, system state and hardware sensors—Monitowl can handle every kind of data you need in your sysadmin job.

Always On Duty

Maintain a clear view of the state of your systems. Whether it's just a single host or a complex network of thousands of computers, you can access up-to-the-second data faster than ever.

Never Miss Incidents

Get instant notifications on unusual activities happening on machines you were entrusted to. An important email server stopped responding? Vital web application is generating high load on your systems? You will be the first to know!

Thorough Problem Analysis

Investigate significant events in the past with ease. When was the last time your SAN went down, was it because of network or hardware problems? Which services were affected by the outage? Monitowl will generate reports for you and help you plan future actions.

Flexible and Adaptable

Personalize and adapt your monitoring setup to your environment. Monitowl automatically finds typical services you want to monitor, but it works with all kinds of hardware sensors, networks and software.

No Maintenance Hassle

Have no fear for the future! Setting up Monitowl on your network takes little time. Adding monitoring support to new servers can easily be automated, so that you can spend more time on providing new features to your users.